LAPEN's Core Competencies were presented at the March 2009 LAPEN Summit. The Core Competencies were developed by the LAPEN Core Competencies Committee.

At the Summit a number of ways were suggested by presenter, Betty Cooke, PhD, that the competencies can be utilized by professionals, programs and LAPEN itself:

1. Individual uses:
a. Doing own self-assessment as a parent educator
b. Identifying needed areas of study and continuing education/professional development
c. Setting professional development goals
d. Creating individual professional development plans

2. Planning parenting education professional development opportunities – workshops, conferences, non-credit and credit courses including use by institutions of higher education to plan courses and programs

3. Developing curriculum resources/materials for preparing parent educators and parenting education with parents

4. Developing and using individual/program/state career ladders/lattices or credentials in parenting education

5. Recognizing and encouraging professional development in parenting education

6. Program planning in parenting education offered through agencies, organizations and institutions

7. Networking and collaborating about offering parenting education and other family supports across programs, agencies, organizations and institutions

8. Providing information to parents about what is offered in parenting education

9. Assuring high quality in the practice of parenting education

We encourage you to review these competencies and share them with your colleagues.