LSU School of Social Work Parenting Education Certificate
Created in collaboration with LAPEN!


About the Workshops


Parenting education is a key element of service provision in many human services settings. Whether parents are involved in school-related activities, post-divorce mediation, the child welfare system, mental health services, or self-enrichment programs, parenting education programs touch the lives and future welfare of thousands of children and their families. The need, therefore, for high quality, standardized training in parenting education is a pressing concern in the human services.

The LSU School of Social Work Professional Certificate in Parenting Education will provide foundational knowledge in the delivery of parenting education services. The content of the certificate curriculum is guided by the 9 areas of core competencies for parenting educators developed by Louisiana Parenting Education Network (LAPEN), including: Child Development, Family Dynamics, Child Guidance, Health and Safety, Diversity, Professional Practice, Learning, Community Contexts, Assessment and Evaluation.

The Professional Certificate in Parenting Education is designed to address the needs of parenting educators for a more solid knowledge base in the core issues of greatest concern to parents. The Certificate Program is not designed, however, to prepare parenting educators to deliver specific parenting education programs. Rather, participants will acquire the basic foundational knowledge needed to build expertise in delivering parenting services, which they will then be able to expand upon as they acquire specialized training in their fields of interest.

Participants need to attend all 7 sessions and pass a cumulative, multiple-choice examination to earn the professional certificate.

*Bachelor's Degree required to enroll in sessions




 This professional certificate program is provided by the LSU School of Social Work in collaboration with the Louisiana Parenting Education Network (LAPEN)


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Jan 10, 2019 


9:00am-12:15pm   Rhonda Norwood, PhD, LCSW-  Individual Growth in Human Contexts


1:15pm-4:30pm   Dr. Dana Hunter -  Working with families of children that have been abused or neglected


Jan 24, 2019


9:00am-12:15pm Dr. Angela Keyes - Diverse Families in Diverse Contexts


1:15pm-4:30pm Joseph V. Keegan, LCSW-BACS Assessment and Evaluation for Parent Education


Feb 7, 2019


9:00am-12:15pm Tim Page, PhD, LMSW - Family Development in Social Contexts


1:15pm-4:30pm Barbara LeBlanc - Child Guidance, Ethics, and Parental Supervision


Feb 21, 2019


9:00am-12:15pm Dr.Valerie Wadja Johnson- Family-School Partnership


1:15pm-4:30pm    Review & Examination



Each course is available separately or a Discount for all Courses. See registration for complete details.



Each session is awarded 3.0 CEU’s.  Please go to the registration page and sessions to see the exact breakdown of general or ethics.