What is parenting education?

The definitions of parenting education in the literature are multiple and diverse, including a wide range of practices, programs, methodologies and philosophies.  A common theme is that parenting education supports parents and caregivers while increasing their knowledge and skills in their complex role in the nurturing and successful development of their child.

Why did LAPEN develop core competencies for parent educators?

Practitioners who provide parenting education come from a variety of backgrounds, training, education, perspectives and personal experiences.  As parenting education develops as a recognized profession nationally, the need to assure high quality in the practice has emerged.  Drawing from many resources, a team of stakeholders working over a two- year period has developed a set of core competencies to guide parent educators in their professional development.  Core areas are identified as the most critical for professionals working with families.   

Why should I join the Parent Educator Registry?

By completing the Registry you identify yourself as a parent educator in Louisiana and join the network of parenting education professionals. The Registry can assist with locating and networking with others in your profession across the state, and can assist parents and agencies in finding you. The Registry will also enable LAPEN to better capture parenting education across the state and plan professional development opportunities.

Is there a fee to join LAPEN?

There is no fee to join LAPEN.